What to do in England? Tips by locals!

So you’ve decided to go to England! Brilliant! But now comes the next difficult decision… What are some of the things you want to see while you’re there? Lynn’s brother and sister-in-law have lived in England for the past year (go follow them on Instagram at @the_pomeranian_brothers if you want to see the cutest, little dogs 😉). Whenever anyone came over for a visit, which happened quite a lot, they went on a trip to discover all the best England has to offer. We were lucky enough to be on some of these trips as well! 😊 They compiled a list of some of their personal highlights just for About Something Around. Enjoy your read!

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea
How could you say no to this! 😀 (picture by @the_pomeranian_brothers)

Can you think of anything more English than this? Afternoon Tea is basically enjoying a light meal around four o’clock in the afternoon accompanied by a cup of warm tea. The food can vary from savoury sandwiches to sweet muffins. Lynn’s brother and sister-in-law would definitely recommend trying the scones! 😉 Afternoon Tea is definitely a must do during your visit.

Alternative London

England has a lot more to offer than just London, but then again, you can’t have properly visited England without a stop in London as well. To sum up what you need to see and do in London would have to be a separate article as the capital just has so much to offer! A must-do in London however according to @the_pomeranian_brothers is a visit to Camden Town. The area has a very alternative vibe and is very different to The City. It’s great for shopping, eating, discovering some great vintage gear or enjoying some live music in one of the many pubs.

Roman history in Bath

Stunning Roman baths in Bath! (picture by @the_pomeranian_brothers)

You might not immediately think of the Romans when thinking about England, but for about four centuries the Romans occupied a large part of England. In the city of Bath in the west of England, you can still visit the Roman Baths (can you guess where the city got its name from? 😉). The baths were built on a natural hot spring formation. The Romans were able to use this heat to construct several types of baths such as the caldarium (hot bath), tepidarium (lukewarm bath), and frigidarium (cold bath). Even though you can’t take a dip in the water yourself as the ancient Romans used to do, this is definitely worth a visit to discover a different side of England!

Indian Cuisine

Due to the colonial history, England and India will always have a special connection. Many Indians have migrated to England and have introduced the country to its amazing cuisine. You’ll find Indian restaurants all over England so it won’t be hard to tick this off of your checklist. 😉


Does it get more English than this? 😀 (picture by @the_pomeranian_brothers)

Think of the stereotypical English countryside… Have an image in your head? Does it feature rolling, green hills, tiny villages with cute cottages, a stream, lush forests? Welcome to the Cotswolds! The region is so beautiful it got classified by the English government as an ‘Area of Outstanding Beauty’! It definitely deserves that title. Go out and smell the fresh country air! The region is absolutely perfect for long, stunning walks. And if you’re as much of a doglover as @the_pomeranian_brothers, this is right up your alley as this is a very dogfriendly activity! 😀

Medieval castles

Kenilworth Castle
If these walls could speak… They’d probably talk about the proposal, haha! (picture by @the_pomeranian_brothers)

You can’t truly visit England without visiting at least one castle! Don’t worry, there are plenty to choose from. 😉 During our visits to Lynn’s brother and sister-in-law we have visited Stokesay Castle as well as the ruins of Clun Castle, which were both very different but so stunning in their own way. They also highly recommend Warwick Castle and Kenilworth Castle. The last one will always have a special place in their hearts as this is where their proposal took place! Says a lot about how stunning this place is, doesn’t it?

Cottage Pie

To truly get to know a country, you must get to know its cuisine. For us this is actually one of our favorite ways to get to know a country as we are massive foodies! 😉 The Cottage Pie is what has been recommend to us. The main ingredients to this oven dish are minced meat and mashed potatoes. The recipe lets you improvise on what you want to combine this with: carrots, cheese, peas, broccoli… It’s the perfect way to get rid of your leftovers! Which is also exactly the way the dish was invented! 😀

Peak District

Peak District
Also absolutely perfect for scenic drives such as this! (picture by @the_pomeranian_brothers)

The very first national park of England! Being surrounded by big cities such as Manchester, Derby and Sheffield, the Peak District is easily accessible which is a big plus. Just like the Cotswolds, this is an amazing spot for stunning hikes and discovering more of rural England. Another dog friendly activity! 😀

Holiday vibes!

And last but not least because it is the season for it: the holiday atmosphere! Visit one of the many Christmast markets, eat a Christmas Cake, enjoy the beautiful festive lights and decorations or just snuggle up under a blanket with a cup of tea. Happy holidays everyone!

Lewis very much enjoyed the English scenery and we’re sure you will as well! 😉 (picture by @the_pomeranian_brothers)


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