7 essentials to bring on an African safari!

Yay! You booked a safari! Now you need to think about what to bring. I, being Lynn in this article, personally went on a safari in Kenya because of an amazing work opportunity. That’s definitely one of the perks of being a travel agent! Of course, I would love to share my advice with you. For starters, my number one tip would be: Pack light! You don’t need a lot of stuff while on safari. I would recommend to bring a small duffel bag. If you are going out to spot gorillas, a soft backpack might be better. Now without further ado, here come the essentials! 


Sometimes you will be lucky and the animals will be right in front of your vehicle. Other times, you might not get as lucky, and then you will be so happy with your binoculars!


A camera with a decent zoom function

I don’t own a DSLR camera and I don’t think it is necessary for your safari. Although, you will be very dissapointed if you only have your smartphone with you. A lot of the times, the animals are just a bit too far away to get a good shot with your phone. So something with a proper zoom is essential. However, you should bring something that doesn’t require switching lenses all the time. Every second is valuable and you don’t want to miss a lion chasing a gazelle because you were dealing with changing up your camera gear. For reference, I brought a bridge camera: a Sony Cybershot DSC-H400. It was perfect for getting the shots I wanted! Pro tip: always bring an extra battery just in case! I ended up having to use my spare one. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to take any pictures of the cheetahs!


A sweater

It might get cold on those early morning game drives. You will be happy to have a sweater to warm you up! Depending on the destination you are going to this can be a fleece jumper or a simple cardigan. Make sure to look up the temperatures and ask around beforehand.

Comfortable shoes

I brought a pair of sneakers and some flip flops. However, in my experience you don’t really need the sneakers since you are not allowed out of the vehicle anyways. Some comfortable sandals should do the trick. If you are going gorilla tracking however, some hiking boots will be necessary.

A few safari outfits

Make sure you bring two or three outfits that you are comfortable in. You will be switching frequently between sitting while driving and standing up to check out the animals and take photos. You also need to wear neutral colors to not scare off the animals.



It is important to protect yourself from the harsh African sun. You can bring many items to help with this: a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and aftersun lotion. I promise you: you will need them!

Insect repellent (and malaria medication)

Before you head to the safari destination of your choice, I would advice you to check with your doctor whether you will need malaria medication or not. When I went on safari to Kenya, I definitely needed it. Additionaly you need to bring a bug repellent of your choice to keep away those nasty mosquitos!

There you go: with this article you are all prepared for a safari! We are very curious to find out whether you have been to safari before, whether you are planning on going in the future or if you have any extra tips! Please leave them below in the comments! We are excited to read them. 🙂

When you go on a safari, make sure to use the hashtag #aboutsomethingaround for your Instagram pictures! That way, we’ll feature them in our stories! 🙂

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