Five reasons why Yucatán should be on your travel bucket list

There are all different sorts of travel. You might be someone who wants their holiday to be all about relaxation. Or perhaps you want to soak up as much of the local culture as possible. You could be someone who wants every day of their trip to be an adrenaline rush or someone who loves nothing more than be one with nature for the duration of their stay. Well, good news! Yucatán is a great travel destination for all of these sorts of travel! So put it on your travel bucket list as it definitely has something to offer for you!

Culture: Mayan ruins

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Two World Wonders meeting for the first time 😉

First and foremost: the Mayan ruins! They are spread all over the peninsula and are simply phenomenal. Most of the buildings are over 1000 years old and have been abandoned for centuries. By visiting Chichén Itzá you can immediatly check one of the Seven World Wonders off of your ‘to see’ list! There are plenty of other ruins to visit as well. Cobá for example: located right in the heart of the jungle. You get to climb to the top of the Mayan pyramid and have an amazing view for miles and miles on end. Or picturesque Tulum where you get to see the Mayan ruins standing right on the cliffs alongside the turquoise Caribbean Sea. The history of the ancient Mayan civilization is for a large part still a mystery, and these ruins are one of the closest direct links we have.

Relax: Beaches

Yucatán offers countless of white sand beaches where you get to sip a Piña Colada in the shade of a palm tree while looking over a clear turquoise sea. Doesn’t that just sound like paradise? The water is even so clear you get to see all the fish swimming around without having to use any snorkel gear. Whenever we had some spare time between our trips, we loved to just recharge at the beach. Read, drink, talk, swim, relax…

No better way to relax…

Active travel: Water sports

Kitesurfing, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving… It’s all possible! Since Yucatán is a peninsula and thus almost completely surrounded by water, you should definitely have a go at some sort of water sports. We decided to go snorkeling at Akumal alongside the sea turtles! Getting to swim alongside some of these turtles was such a memorable experience. Not only did we get to see plenty of colourful fish and coral reef we even saw a ray and a school of barracudas! If water isn’t your thing, there is plenty to do on land as well such as jungle biking or incredible hikes.

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Can you spot the sea turtle?

Nature: Unique cenotes

A unique natural phenomenon in Yucatán are the many cenotes. These are underground lakes of which there are about 6000 known different ones spread all over the region. These cenotes were very important to the Mayas as they both functioned as a source of fresh drinking water as well as a location for sacrificial offerings. Nowadays it’s possible to take a refreshing dive into some of the cenotes and swim while surrounded by countless of stalagmites and stalactites. Some cenotes are public and some work exclusively with certain organisations so they’re not too crowded. Of course there are also some which are private or closed to the public.

If you can see the tiny human in the water, you get a sense of the scale of this gorgeous cenote.

Food: Tacos and tequila!

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And last but not least for all you foodies: tacos and tequilaaa! And so much more incredible Mexican food you should try! Don’t think this will be like the Mexican restaurant around the corner of your home (unless you live in Mexico 😉), because this stuff is the real deal. Did you know for example that tacos are actually supposed to soft instead of hard? We didn’t know, but oh wow, it is SO GOOD!

Have we convinced you of booking your trip? If so, make sure to use the hashtag #aboutsomethingaround in your beautiful Yucatán Instagrampictures or use it to show us what other destinations should be on our travel bucket list! 😊


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