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How do we combine travelling with a fulltime job?

How do we combine travelling with a fulltime job? We have been asked this question so much in the past year! Have a look through our Instagrampage and it might seem as if we are at a new destination every week. However, nothing is further from the truth! Yes, in the past year we’ve explored […]

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Five reasons why Yucatán should be on your travel bucket list

There are all different sorts of travel. You might be someone who wants their holiday to be all about relaxation. Or perhaps you want to soak up as much of the local culture as possible. You could be someone who wants every day of their trip to be an adrenaline rush or someone who loves […]

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Belgium Leuven

But first… Coffee! A guide to Leuven’s newest coffee bars

We love our daily cup of coffee! So let’s talk about that delicious black gold. Usually we’ll drink this either at home or at work, but whenever we are out and about, we looooove visiting a coffee bar. It’s a moment to stop and relax, to sit back and enjoy an espresso, a long black, […]

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Eight truly inspirational female adventurers!

What better day to celebrate eight incredible female adventurers than on March 8, International Women’s Day? These inspirational women fought the odds and conventions of their time to go above and beyond. And you can take that last part quite literally! Plane, boat, bike and even space ship! These women went all over. These ladies […]

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Europe The Netherlands

Not your average Amsterdam guide

We don’t need to tell you that Amsterdam is an amazing city that has to be on everyone’s travelbucketlist. You already know that! You know you need to check out the Dam, visit the Anne Frank House or see what the city looks like from below while sailing through the canals. So this Amsterdamguide won’t […]

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Africa Kenya

The wonders of Kenya

Kenya really has everything you could wish for. A rich and interesting culture, gorgeous national park reserves for perfect safaris and last but not least, idyllic beaches. Combine this with welcoming and sweet local people and you truly have it all. Keep reading to find out everything about this ideal travel destination! Preparation Always look […]

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Africa Kenya Tips & Tricks

7 essentials to bring on an African safari!

Yay! You booked a safari! Now you need to think about what to bring. I, being Lynn in this article, personally went on a safari in Kenya because of an amazing work opportunity. That’s definitely one of the perks of being a travel agent! Of course, I would love to share my advice with you. […]

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England Europe

What to do in England? Tips by locals!

So you’ve decided to go to England! Brilliant! But now comes the next difficult decision… What are some of the things you want to see while you’re there? Lynn’s brother and sister-in-law have lived in England for the past year (go follow them on Instagram at @the_pomeranian_brothers if you want to see the cutest, little […]

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Australia New Zealand Oceania Tips & Tricks

Longterm travel: how to make it happen?

Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Are you in need of a change? Are you getting an overwhelming feeling for wanting to explore? Are you in need of some time for yourself, without the pressure of society? Then you might benefit from long term travel. In 2017, we embarked on a five month trip […]

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Tips & Tricks

Get your phone travelready!

For people living today, it’s hard to imagine a life without a smartphone. This device has sooo many uses! If you play your cards right, you can turn your phone into one of your most useful travelbuddies. GPS, camera, music and so much more. Have a look at our list and get your phone travelready! […]

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