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  • Longterm travel: how to make it happen?

    Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Are you in need of a change? Are you getting an overwhelming feeling for wanting to explore? Are you in need of some time for yourself, without the pressure of society? Then you might benefit from long term travel. In 2017, we embarked on a five month trip […]

  • Pump up that adrenaline in New Zealand!

    New Zealand is the perfect destination for thrill seekers. It is not only the birthplace to a lot of adventurous activities, but also provides the most beautiful landscapes you can think off. This makes it a good fit for any adventure tourist to pump up their adrenaline through sky, land and sea! Please check out […]

  • We were interviewed!

    Back during our amazing working holiday experience in New Zealand, we travelled around with a bus company named Stray. We really enjoyed the way of travelling these people offered and have even dedicated a blogpost to it! Stray picked up on our post, contacted us and asked us if we wanted to be featured in […]

  • Our top three unforgettable travel experiences!

    Despite still having so many new destinations on our travel bucket list, we do already have quite some travel experience under our belts! These have given us some great memories, some funny, some sad, some beautiful, some hard… But they all have one thing in common: they make great stories. When we were reminiscing about […]

  • Let’s Stray off the beaten track

    You have seen all the places we have visited, we’ve told you all about our working experience during our Working Holiday, but we haven’t shared yet how we travelled around New Zealand! There are multiple different ways you can travel around this gorgeous country: buy or rent a car or a campervan, (hitch)hike, … or […]

  • Putting the ‘work’ in Working Holiday!

    Our great adventure on the other side of the planet has almost come to an end. Four months ago, we left our beloved Belgium for a working holiday in the stunning New Zealand. On our social media you have all been able to follow our adventures in great detail and have witnessed all the amazing stuff we […]

  • South Island Sightseeing

    The last few weeks we have been working and travelling around the South Island of New Zealand. We have visited wineries, glacial lakes, mountains, beaches… we bungyjumped of a bridge, parasailed over a lake and raced down a hill in little karts. This island really does have a lot to offer! A bit of a […]

  • 11 Things no one told you about backpacking!

    Currently we have been backpacking through New Zealand for two and a half months and still have quite a lot to explore around here. This trip is the first time that we actually went backpacking and smart people as we are, we immediatly decided to go on a trip of a few months instead of […]

  • North Island must-sees!

    At the time of writing this article we have arrived in Wellington, which means we have concluded our North Island trip. We have seen a lot during this time and can honestly say we fell in love with this country already. Picking out a few highlights to share with you guys was extremely difficult, because […]

  • Let’s experience the local life!

    We have left Auckland on Monday the 11th of September towards the Northland Region of New Zealand. On Tuesday we arrived at the primary school of Kaeo, the workplace of our WWOOF-host for the next two weeks. From there on she brought us to her home near Taipa. But what is a WWOOF-host exactly? WWOOFing […]